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A Brief History of Shilstone

Many of our couples and their guests are intrigued by Shilstone and how it came to be. Learn more about Shilstone over the last twenty years.

The Shilstone Guide to Planning your dream wedding!

To help you make wedding planning as stress free as possible, Shilstone House has put together a wedding planning guide to assist in getting you to your dream day as easily as possible.

What Shilstone House has to offer!

We’ve combined all of what Shilstone House has to offer to make your wedding decisions a little bit easier!

Barn Weddings at Shilstone.

Barn weddings in Devon are becoming more and more popular. Shilstone offers beautiful barn weddings from November to March!

Summer Weddings At Shilstone.

With so many wedding venues in Devon, it’s hard to choose the perfect one. Here’s why you should choose Shilstone!