Summer is creeping around the corner, which means wedding season is well and truly starting!

This is an exciting time for us as well as you. Here at Shilstone, we love creating exclusive weddings that not only we are proud of but you’ll be proud of too. Our wedding venue in Devon is like no other; with our historic background that captures your heart.

What Shilstone has to offer as a wedding venue in Devon


If you’re planning on choosing a wedding venue in Devon, but unsure where to pick, because let’s face it there’s so many to choose from. Shilstone really does offer a number of unique qualities that you won’t find at other wedding venues around Devon.

Shilstone is an exclusive wedding venue which means that we never have more than one wedding a day. Our wedding venue in Devon is exclusive to just your wedding. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about other people being around because it will just be you and your loved ones. We believe that this is what makes your Devon wedding venue choice so much easier. Your whole day from start to finish is completely intimate, meaning you can have it just how you want it without the worry of having a wedding ceremony after you. An exclusive wedding means that our staff can take care of only you and cater to all your needs. Not many wedding venues in Devon can offer this.

As we are an exclusive wedding venue, we also offer exclusive luxury accommodation for you and your guests. You are able to stay with us, and there won’t be any other parties staying. What more could you want from a wedding venue and it’s in Devon! We receive great feedback from guests and couples who loved not only the wedding venue but the accommodation too. Our accommodation is kept to the highest standards along with big open rooms to get ready in.

Unlike most wedding venues in Devon, we offer a large capacity for guests. Our marquee can hold a maximum of 220 people. If you have a large party of guests and you’re needing a wedding venue in Devon which can hold you all, you will struggle to find places available. You will need to snatch us up quick!

As Shilstone is based in Devon, we are blessed with amazing scenery, which makes a summer wedding even truly more stunning. A summer wedding brings you more options of what you want to do during the day. You get to wander off in the sunshine and hills with your partner to go and have your photos taken whilst your guests can soak in the sunshine. It’s a win-win situation! So make the most of your time in the stunning Devonshire hills that surround Shilstone as far as the eye can see. Shilstone tends to be a real sun soaker, which means it can get very hot. This gives you the option to spend more time outside, as we have our own little tranquil courtyard where you can sit and enjoy your drinks. There’s plenty of space for all your guests to go and wander off and see why you fell in love with the grounds. A beautiful Devon wedding venue means you can capture some great photos, but they come out even better when you’re surrounded by sunshine! Just imagine your dress sparkling through the photographs…

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