Lecture: Names and Places of South Devon

Event room Shilstone, Ivybidge, DEVON, United Kingdom

Dr Kevin Dixon is the author of the book ‘Torquay. A Social History’, is the Chair of consumer health champion, Healthwatch, and gives talks on local history:  “As we travel around South Devon, we come across many names of our towns, villages, rivers, and the streets where we live. Some of these names go back hundreds or […]

Lecture: The Exeter Blitz of 1942

Richard Parker is a freelance historic buildings archaeologist and consultant, specialising in recording and interpreting buildings of all periods, and producing researched, archaeologically-informed reconstruction drawings. For the past thirty years he has recorded a range of buildings and produced reports and illustrations for many different clients including The National Trust, Exeter Cathedral, The University of Cambridge, […]

Lecture: Witchcraft in Devon

Event room Shilstone, Ivybidge, DEVON, United Kingdom

Local author and historian Tracey Norman explores some of Devon’s historic witchcraft cases, familiar, unfamiliar and downright bizarre. Discover old herbal remedies, discover how witches were dealt with by the Devon courts, and decide for yourself if there’s a connection between witchcraft and cocoa… Tracey Norman is an author and historian. She writes non-fiction, and fiction in several genres. Her […]

Lecture: Daughters of Devon – The Dartington Bride

Event room Shilstone, Ivybidge, DEVON, United Kingdom

Author and speaker Rosemary Griggs has been researching Devon’s sixteenth-century history for years. She has discovered a cast of fascinating characters and an intriguing network of families whose influence stretched far beyond the West Country. She loves telling the stories of the forgotten women of history — the women beyond the royal court; wives, sisters, […]

Lecture: The Great Fire of Crediton

Event room Shilstone, Ivybidge, DEVON, United Kingdom

Many towns suffered disastrous fires in earlier centuries. The Great Fire of Crediton in 1743 was reported as being particularly dramatic and destructive. The events of 1743 were well-recorded. There is an unusually detailed town map from the same year. The presentation discusses that map – along with snippets from the mass of information we […]