Recommended Taxi Companies


Shilstone has a nominated taxi company we recommend that your bookings are made through, namely Tony of Ivybridge Taxis. It is always good to give the maximum notice and at least one week, as weekend nights get booked up very, very quickly. However, if he is full please see below a number of other taxi companies. Further recommendations are as follows:

1)  Email your chosen taxi company to confirm your booking and ensure you receive confirmation in return 

2)  Have your destination’s full address and postcode to hand

3)  Try and share taxis with other guests staying at the same location, as this will reduce your costs – and remember then to specify that you need 6/8/16 seater vehicle 

4)  Lastly, and most importantly, your guests should be at the taxi collection point at the time of their booking. We know it takes time to say goodbye, but delaying the taxi can result in firstly, somebody else taking it or it leaving for its next job. Secondly, more than likely, the taxi will have another booking afterwards and they will be left waiting.

Recommended Companies

Please see below a list of taxis our guests regularly use to get themselves to and from Shilstone. Please book your taxi travel in advance as you will find it difficult to book a taxi at short notice due to Shilstone’s remote location.

*Ivybridge Taxis – 01752 690180 – Ivybridge based company*

Geoff – Mini Bus for up to 16 – 07788 404547 – Ivybridge based company – Great for a large party of guests!

Companies to the East

A2B Taxis – 01548 854050 – Kingsbridge based company

Acorn Taxis – 01548 511549 – Kingsbridge based company

Badger Cabs – 01803 840400 – Totnes based company

One 2 One Taxis – 07766 406129 – Kingsbridge based company

Coast 2 Coast – 07719 946224 or 07938 538030 – Kingsbridge based company

Mikes Cab – 07807 034928 – Kingsbridge based company (8-Seater)

The Salcombe & District Taxi Co. (a.k.a. Taxi Mike) 07714 512516 – South Milton based company

Companies to the West

Ace Taxis – 01803 882121 – Brixham based company

Ivy Cabs – 01752 895555 – Ivybridge based company

Plymcabs – 01752 777777 – Plymouth based company

Taxi First – 01752 222222 – Plymouth based company

Wembury Cars – 01752 862151 – Plymouth based company

Please remember to be ready to leave at the time your taxi is booked for as delays can have a knock-on effect for other guests or fairs the taxi company may have. It is also worth remembering that taxis can be delayed for reasons such as that above; therefore, please allow plenty of time to reach your destination.

Photograph by Andy Mac Photography