1. If you are able to come to Shilstone to set up the day prior to your wedding, we ask that there are no children and we agree mutually suitable times for this set up. Access will be to the Walled Garden, Marquee, Ceremony Barn (if applicable) and Greenhouse/Orangery. Access to the House is to be accompanied by management.
  2. If any item (including Bridal dress) is left at Shilstone at any time, it is understood that Shilstone takes no responsibility for any loss or damage occurring to any such item.
  3. The wedding cake should be delivered on the morning of the wedding. Deliveries can be made from 10:00am. Please do take the time to confirm an expected arrival time with Shilstone, so a member of staff can be on hand to ensure the wedding cake reaches the correct destination onsite.
  4. Drinks and beverages are to be exclusively purchased from Shilstone unless otherwise agreed in writing.
  5. Access to Shilstone on the day of the wedding will be no earlier than three hours prior to a ceremony or reception (if applicable) and in any case no earlier than 10:00am. Guest access to be no earlier than midday or one hour prior to the ceremony/reception.
  6. All drivers and transport are advised to familiarise themselves with the route and access to Shilstone prior to the wedding day. A map and directions can be found on www.shilstonedevon.com/find-us
  7. No alcohol to be brought to Shilstone by Guests.
  8. Cars should be parked in the car parking field following directions given by our service staff welcoming your Guests on arrival.
  9. Presents and or cards can be left on designated gift tables within proximity to the ceremony area.
  10. Coats, umbrellas and other personal attire may be left in the East Hall of the house.
  11. Guests bringing children should be reminded there are no specific child-minding staff onsite and should be requested to make themselves aware of any possible hazards that their children may face e.g. steps, stone walls, swimming pool etc. They should also be requested to keep a careful eye on them throughout the wedding day/evening. We cannot be responsible for them or any accidents they may have.
  12. There are no facilities for Guests to get changed on arrival.
  13. Please note that not all parts of Shilstone can be locked. It is your responsibility to inform your Guests and Third Party Contractors of this and to take appropriate security measures to protect your property. We cannot be responsible for any loss or damage.
  14. There are various nominated smoking areas where sand buckets are provided and Guests are asked to use these areas and particularly not to use the area to the rear of the Marquee where there are ‘No Smoking’ notices displayed.
  15. There is a swimming pool which is cordoned off with a warning sign, however, please ensure Guests do not enter the swimming pool or immediate poolside area.
  16. The Garden Tower is a strictly no access area of the Walled Garden for Health and Safety reasons.
  17. After the drinks and canape reception and once Guests have journeyed into the Marquee, any presents, coats etc. left in the house will be transferred by Shilstone staff to the Marquee and will be situated at the rear exit. The House and immediate gardens will then be locked for security purposes.
  18. Speeches should take place after the wedding breakfast. If otherwise, we may need to charge for additional staffing hours for waiting and service staff.
  19. Bottles of wine and alcohol are removed from tables after the speeches or the dessert, whichever is later.  All alcohol thereafter is served from the bar.
  20. During the evening reception in the Marquee, Guests are requested to keep within the garden areas and respect any roped off areas and warning signs which are there for the guidance and safety of Guests.
  21. Band/DJ/Entertainment must adhere to Shilstone’s entertainment guidelines, ensuring that setup does not interrupt Guests and the wedding party.
  22. Evening food to finish no later than 11:00pm.
  23. At midnight the bar closes and the music stops.
  24. On departure all Guests are requested to leave via the rear exit of the Marquee through the Greenhouse and Orchard, which will be lit to the roadway and to the car park. Guests taking taxis are requested to be ready to board their taxis at their scheduled time in order to alleviate possible problems of congestion and taxis leaving without their passengers.
  25. All Guests/band members/DJ are to be offsite by 00:30am. Shilstone reserves the right to charge £500 per hour or part thereof if the site is not cleared by 00:30am for whatever reason.
  26. We ask that you nominate a suitable individual who can take responsibility for Guests who have drunk excessively.
  27. There may be a cleaning/damage charge if an individual causes damage to any part of the property. A damage deposit of £500 is required no less than 48 hours prior to your wedding day to cover Shilstone in its entirety (including Whitmore Barn and / or Meadow Barn if applicable). This can be paid via cheque, pre-authorisation or bank transfer and will be returned within 48 hours after your wedding if no damage has been caused.
  28. Any cars left overnight should be collected by 10:30am on the day following the Event. Access the following day will be directed by Shilstone staff depending on other events.
  29. Any belongings from the Marquee or garden should be collected by 10:30am on the day following your wedding.
  30. Any accommodation used is vacated by 10:30am on the day of departure, unless agreed otherwise, in advance, in writing, by us.
  31. Please contact Shilstone staff for any help or assistance needed during the day.
  32. No food or drinks other than those provided by Shilstone are to be consumed at the Venue by you or your Guests, unless agreed in writing before the Event. No food to be taken offsite. This excludes the wedding cake.
  33. No smoking including E-Cigarettes inside any structures or buildings. This includes the main House, the Marquee and the Greenhouse. This is for the protection of the building, as well as your safety and currently abides by law for practice of smoking within an event space.
  34. No needle point stiletto heels to be worn in the dining room (high heels are permitted).
  35. No animals other than guide dogs are allowed in any of the buildings forming part of Shilstone’s premises, unless expressly agreed in writing by us.
  36. No candles or naked flames are allowed within the Marquee or 11 metres of the Marquee for both Health and Safety and insurance purposes.
  37. Balloon installations are not to include balloons that are filled with confetti-like material.
  38. All Guests and Third Party Contractors must leave the Venue at the end of the Event in a quiet and orderly manner with respect for our neighbours.
  39. Any confetti brought to the Venue must be dried or fresh flower petals and may not be thrown inside the House or any other buildings belonging to Shilstone. We ask for floral confetti to be thrown outside.
  40. No alcoholic favours for Guests or alcoholic presents during speeches.
  41. For the evening reception no glasses or bottles are to be taken outside the rear of the Marquee or Walled Garden.
  42. No glasses or bottles are to be outside of the Greenhouse or in the area surrounding the taxi point as this can compromise the safety of staff and Guests.
  43. Fireworks, sparklers and Chinese lanterns are not permitted.
  44. We confirm we consent to some of the photos taken by our photographer to be used by Shilstone for promotional purposes.