With the arrival of March, the month of the Spring Equinox, we thought it apt to celebrate what we love about hosting weddings during this season!


The Grounds and Gardens

Whilst some of the flowers in our gardens will snooze for a little longer, there’s plenty that springs to life in late March and into April and we love how the Shilstone site begins to transform.

Nestled in the heart of the Devonshire countryside and exclusively yours on your dream wedding day, Shilstone promises to deliver a totally beautiful Springtime backdrop!

A labour of love, the Gardens and wider Grounds which encapsulate Shilstone’s Georgian Manor House have been meticulously designed, creating all year round botanical beauty. The architecturally award-winning house, which hosts our Drinks and Canapé Reception is surrounded by stunning outside spaces, which in the Spring are perfect for mingling, excited guests, but also offer endless photographic opportunities.


Wonderful Wisteria

A high-climbing vine, Wisteria blooms energetically in Spring, and its large, drooping clusters of lilac, cascade over the stonework of our secluded Walled Garden.


Photograph Courtesy of Kathryn Clarke-Mcleod Photography



Our Courtyards also feature Evergreens, such as Yew and Buxus, providing a luscious Spring setting. Forming part of our manicured, formal gardens, our Yews and Buxus are elegantly shaped, creating clean lines and symmetry.

Photograph Courtesy of Smiley Happy Photography

Tremendous Tulips


This brightly coloured jewel enlivens our days in early Spring. We truly look forward to seeing those blue-green leaves start to emerge as the Earth awakens from its winter sleep! Carefully cultivated in the Autumn, by March, our Inner Courtyard is full of the Spring classic Tulips.


Magnificent Magnolia


Magnolia Trees boast fantastic foliage and flowers that light up Spring. Known for their striking goblet flowers, some varieties are among the first trees to blossom with their flowers emerging even before their leaves! Our Pink Magnolia Tree, planted to the base of our iconic Garden Tower, certainly marks the start of Spring here at Shilstone, and provides a fantastic pop of background colour!

Photograph Courtesy of Sarah Bruckshaw Photography

Spring Inspired Decor

The characteristic Spring colours of yellows, greens and blues offer the perfect colour palette inspiration.

Sarah and Jonno captured the very essence of the Spring season with their daffodil yellow, white and blue lanterns suspended from fairy lights in our Mughal Marquee. The iconic Tulip continued the Spring theme as it formed part of the table centres, and their chocolate bunny wedding favours were a fabulous tribute to the Spring celebration of Easter!

Photographs Courtesy of Memories and Milestones Photography

Floristry by Flower La Vita

Lanterns by West Country Wedding Planners

Whilst the height of Summer, and the thoughts of long sunshine-filled days is a draw for many prospective newlyweds, with our Marquee wedding season beginning in April, it is always worth considering the other seasons, as they too offer their own unique atmosphere.

Learn more about Shilstone and our Spring/Summer Wedding Season, and if you would like to discuss the possibility of hosting your wedding at Shilstone, we would love to hear from you. Please get in touch by calling 01548 830 888 or complete our online submission form.

Photograph Courtesy of Kari Bellamy Photography

Floristry by The Velvet Daisy

We hope this article has been both enjoyable and informative. If you require further information, please give one of our dedicated team a call on 01548 830 888 or fill out a contact form here to get the ball rolling for your dream day!

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