Your team on the day were so caring and attentive towards us and our family and friends. Our guests could not believe how conscientious, kind and organised every staff member was. 

Jules (we are so sorry if this is spelled incorrectly), you are a credit to Shilstone and we cannot express how many postive things our guests had to say about you. Thank you for making us feel so relaxed and special on our Wedding Day. 

Your staff who served our guests their drinks and meals were completely wonderful. Even with the added pressure of table service, they remembered drink orders from tables and were so attentive towards our guests. Our family and friends have actually spoken many times about how they preferred table service because of the exceptional service which was provided. 

Our canapés, Wedding Breakfast and evening pasties were absolutely delicious. Our guests were blown away by the quality of the food which was served. Our parents have said that their meals were the best food they have ever been served at a Wedding. Every single guest recieved an exceptional meal and every dietary requirement was catered for.  

Mr and Mrs Fenwick, we will never be able to thank you enough for allowing us to get married at your beautiful home. You have treated us with such kindness, made us feel so welcome and we are so incredibly grateful.  

Jo, our Decoration Day was so much fun. Our Best Men, my parents, my brother, Ashley and I enjoyed every second. It was so relaxed and this is becuase of how much work you had put into preparing for our Wedding Day before we had even arrived. Our Walk Through was so detailed and you completely put us at ease. Thank you so much. 

Finally, Hollie, a ‘thank you’ will never be enough for the hours and hours of work you put in to ensuring our Wedding Day was absolutely perfect. I cannot begin to comprehend how many emails I sent you and how many questions I asked. Thank you for answering every single one with so much paitence, detail and clarity. You were also a wonderful support (and friend) to us througout the pandemic; we cannot imagine the amount of work our postponements created. You are incredible at your job and we wish you so much love and luck for your own Wedding next year. 

Thank you so much, for everything. 

Ellie and Ashley

Photograph Courtesy of David Fielding Photography