Bride at Shilstone Preparing for her wedding day

At Shilstone, we completely understand how important this special day is for you, which is why our team of Wedding Coordinators are happy to guide you every step of the way. If you stay in our luxury countryside wedding cottages, you’ll certainly have the perfect backdrop for your photographs. Our cottages are filled with beautiful details and stunning features from the decadent bedroom bath tub, the Pinterest-worthy guest bunk beds and Hollywood style make-up dressing table.

When you book in for a Wedding Tour with us, our Shilstone experts will show you each of the wedding accommodation options available, beautifully nestled in secluded spots around the estate. 


On the morning of your wedding you’ll want to capture all the fun and excitement before the big event. Wherever you’re getting ready, it’s worth giving some thought to the following…. How does the room look, what are the best angles and features of the room? Is there a nice door or window to hang the dress? What outdoor space is there for group shots and finally stepping out the door to depart? 

Bridal Suite at Shilstone Devon Wedding Accommodation


When the dress is on and the finishing touches have been made, it’s a very emotional moment when loved ones get to see you.  Have a think about who you’d like present and let your photographer know so that your family and friends reactions can be captured…. And don’t forget a box of tissues as no doubt there will be a happy tear or two!

Bride preparation at Shilstone Devon Wedding Accommodation


Your wedding day will be made up of hundreds of precious moments and you’ll want to make the most of each and every second. Remember you will be on show all day, so try to plan in some time for yourself either alone, with close friends or a family member where you can just be yourself and spend a few quiet moments to take in the wonder of your special day. 


Bridal Preparation at Shilstone Devon Wedding Accommodation


Establish a timeline of how you want your morning to go. You’ll be amazed at how quickly time flies when you are happily chatting and sipping on champagne. It’s a good idea to give each of your  bridesmaids and number and schedule times for each of their hair and make-up so that everyone knows the agenda.



Bridal make-up Shilstone Devon


Even the most organised among us need a little helping hand on a wedding day and your bridesmaids will be sure to want to help you in any way that they can. It’s even better having a designated “Head” Bridesmaid who can be in charge of taking over instructions from you. Meaning you can relax and enjoy the pampering.



Beautiful Bride Dress at Shilstone Luxury Wedding Venue in Devon