Shilstone… An Unforgettable Day at Devon’s Leading Luxury Wedding Venue

When it comes to hosting the wedding of your dreams, Shilstone stands out as the unrivalled luxury wedding venue in Devon.

Shilstone Cafe Is Opening Soon!

It’s nearly here!  The Shilstone Cafe is a mere couple of weeks away from being unveiled and will open its doors to customers on….

The Shilstone wedding day journey

Learn about the Shilstone April to October wedding day experience.

Writing Your Own Vows

Just some of our top tips on writing your very own vows.

Spring Weddings at Shilstone

With the arrival of March, we thought we’d share what we LOVE about hosting weddings in the Spring!

How to Save Some Pennies

5 top tips from the Shilstone team, which may just help you stay on budget!

A Brief History of Shilstone

Many of our couples and their guests are intrigued by Shilstone and how it came to be. Learn more about Shilstone over the last twenty years.

The Shilstone Guide to Planning your dream wedding!

To help you make wedding planning as stress free as possible, Shilstone House has put together a wedding planning guide to assist in getting you to your dream day as easily as possible.

What Shilstone House has to offer!

We’ve combined all of what Shilstone House has to offer to make your wedding decisions a little bit easier!

Barn Weddings at Shilstone.

Barn weddings in Devon are becoming more and more popular. Shilstone offers beautiful barn weddings from November to March!